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Watchtower Improvement 1.02

Adds the watchtower improvement, which can be built by recon units.

  1. Sailor Cat
    Steam Workshop
    Introducing the watchtower improvement, which can be built by recon units, such as the scout, to help your civilization better explore and monitor.

    +2 Sight for occupying unit. +1 Sight for units occupying adjacent Encampments and defensive improvements. Built by recon units, and may be built outside friendly territory.


    The watchtower can be built on woods, rainforest, marsh, floodplains, and oasis without removing the feature visually or mechanically. It can be built on those features and all non-mountain land terrains.

    Wardrobe Included
    The appearance of the watchtower will change according to its placement. There are 10 distinct variations, all of which are updated upon reaching the modern era.

    Perform a sight bomb with your recon unit to get a better idea of its surroundings. Keep an eye on unclaimed territory across the map, other civilizations' territory, or what lies just beyond your own domain. Prevent barbarian camps from spawning.

    Recommended Pairing
    With its toasty aroma and supple tannins, the watchtower improvement pairs well with the Starting Scout mod.

    • Recon units have one (1) build charge, and building a watchtower doesn't consume the unit.
    • Unique units (such as the Incan Warak'aq), unique defensive improvements (such as Alcazar), and unique Encampments (such as Ikanda) are all supported.
    • Several unit commands have been moved to command overflow in order for this mod to work.
    The current version of Watchtower Improvement is v1.02. Current and previous versions are available on GitHub.