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Welsh Longbowman 2016-10-05

Welsh Longbowman

  1. Gagonite
    This is a flavor or UU for the English (Or a Welsh Civ). It's a reskin of the Longbowman, with a custom animation (Included).

    What the animation is, is when the Longbowman engages in melee, he swaps his bow for his shield and spear (normally on his back) and uses them in melee instead of that annoying staff the regular Longbowman uses. Took me a good part of a day to figure out how to get it to work, but its done, and I'll be making more like it soon.

    Here's a link to the thread that'll be listing them:

    As usual, feel free to use this in a mod, or even reskin it and use it and the animation for another custom unit. Just please give me credit.



    1. welshlongbowman1_FZk.jpg
    2. welshlongbowman2_xfX.jpg
    3. welshlongbowman3_XZL.jpg
    4. welshlongbowman4_GCJ.jpg