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Western US (Old West) map 2016-10-05

Western US (Old West) map

  1. Balthasar
    This is actually a complete terrain mod as well as a map, lovingly hand-crafted for a one of a kind experience that would have been an Old West Mod. I'm releasing this now, because if I waited until I'd built a mod around it, you'd probably never see it. Rar includes terrain files, resources, and pre-placed cities and city graphics, although the Civs haven't been renamed, so you'll have to change 'Greece' to "Cavalry" yourself, for instance. See the readme and future posts for more ideas.

    The thread for this is >here<


    1. old_west_minimap_rG3.jpg
    2. cheyenne_2_CVj.jpg
    3. ft__boise_ea3.jpg
    4. las_vegas_Fd4.jpg
    5. carson_city_HB6.jpg
    6. seattle_cA9.jpg
    7. san_francisco_WuO.jpg
    8. grand_canyon_VlB.jpg
    9. las_vegas_w_minimap_x56.jpg