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Westward Ho Patch 0.42 2016-10-05

Westward Ho Patch 0.42

  1. TC01
    Westward Ho 0.42 Patch

    This download page is for the latest Westward Ho patch. As of 6/6/10, that is 0.42. This patch fixes a number of bugs, including some crashes, and also adds some new art- missing art files and a new leaderhead by Ekmek.

    To install this patch, you must first download the full mod here. Then, run the included exe.

    Forum thread, Forum thread (WPC), Mod subforum

    Patch Credits: Only people involved in the patch production or people who provided bug reports.

    -Ekmek (leaderhead art)
    -Dragonlord (bug reports)
    -Talquin (bug reports)
    -Napalm Eddie (bug reports)

    -Firaxis/2K Games (producer of Civ/Col)


    1. home_city_patch_6C8.jpg