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Westward Ho Patch 0.421 2016-10-05

Westward Ho Patch 0.421

  1. TC01
    Westward Ho Patch 0.421

    Westward Ho up to 0.42 has a bug- the AI refuses to do anything. This is because of the way it handles founding cities and the fact that Westward Ho features land starts. It is a pretty big problem.

    Kailric has fixed that. Since this is an extremely important fix, I (TC01) have packaged his fix as an easy-to-use installer and released it as patch 0.421. To install it, you must have first installed the full mod and the 0.42 patch- both available from the links below.

    And also use those links if you want more information about Westward Ho or wish to leave a comment.

    Forum thread, Forum thread (WPC), Mod subforum

    Patch Credits:

    -Kailric (doing it)
    -TC01 (packaging)
    -Androrc the Orc, Abiete, Napalm Eddie (alerting us to the problem)