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Westward Ho v0.4 2016-10-05

Westward Ho v0.4

  1. TC01
    Westward Ho: Wild West Mod for Civilization IV Colonization
    Version v0.4 Released 4/18/10

    This mod has been in the works for some time. cfkane first had the idea- a Wild West Colonization mod. Flintlock1415 began work on it, but he recently gave up doing the actual modding and I took over (he's still working on the mod, but not directly). As of v0.3, Kailric has joined the "team" as an SDK editor.

    This version is still a beta, but the "conversion" is technically complete in that yields, civs, leaders, and founding fathers have all been changed. v0.4 adds a number of new features- Forts that can be built and spread culture, Coal, which can be burned to increase production in a city, Railroad Stations that allow instantaneous travel between connected cities, and more.

    Forum thread, Forum thread (WPC), Mod subforum


    Mod Team:

    -Flintlock1415 (formerly)


    -KJ Jansson (Europe/Homeland screen)
    -koma13 (Home Cities on Map)
    -Ekmek (Leaderhead art)
    -texpatriate (Leaderhead art)
    -Deliverator (Locomotive graphics)
    -Modeltrainman (Locomotive graphics)
    -Androrc the Orc (Trails, Route model help)
    -drjest2000 (Native civs)
    -Valkrionn (Inno install script)

    -CIV Gold Leaderhead Makers (New 3D Native leaderheads)

    -Tobias Alt (Source of the main menu background)

    The Original Idea:


    Ideas and Feedback:


    -Firaxis/2K Games (creators of Colonization)

    -Other people I may have missed (give me your names, I'll add you in if I did)


    1. main_menu_9GN.jpg
    2. expedition_charter_p2J.jpg
    3. land_start_03a.jpg
    4. home_city_rM6.jpg