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White Lies Black Ops 2016-10-05

White Lies Black Ops

  1. ooggbboo

    White Lies Black Ops v.2

    Changes: Updated for 3.19, Added Content

    This mod continues to add a good deal of new content, including heavy code changes to the dll. A detailed summary of this mod is included in the file. Changes include:

    * Terrorist Organizations introduced into the game, which may grow and spread within civilizations. Terrorism becomes a continuing problem, and civilizations may opt to become terrorist states.

    * Coalitions. You may form coalitions with other civs to make a concerted military or blackops attack on more powerful civilizations. By the same token, smaller civilizations may gang up on you if you grow too strong too fast.

    * Black Ops are added; civilizations may take special military operations against various civilizations. Based on my e-mails, a fan favorite.

    * Internal Security options, which may be used to manage a civilization's internal affairs.

    * Hostages, which may be taken when attacking a city or pillaging certain improvements. Hostages can be publicly executed (driving up war weariness in the target civ), sold back or put to work in work camps.

    * Indigenous People in a civilization, who may be exploited and eventually radicalized into terrorist groups. If treated well, they can benefit a civilization through random events. If treated badly, they will radicalize into terrorists.

    * Respect, in addition to like and dislike, as an element of civilization relationships.

    * A handful of new units (such as the Diplomat, with new, unique abilities), buildings, technologies and terrain modifications.

    * New National Project: Religious School System. Raises the terrorism level in all other civilizations.

    The mod is focused on gameplay changes, rather than the brute force addition of new units, techs, buildings, etc. Based on the feedback I've gotten, people seem to enjoy it. For those who say I should promote it more, I respond: I'm a very lazy man. Feel free to spread the word.


    1. Decompress the contents of the file into "Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods"
    2. Go to "Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\WLBO" and double-click on the "Launch WLBO" shortcut to execute the mod.

    ?/! are both welcome.


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