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whoward69s UI-Destination (fixed) 2016-10-05

whoward69s UI-Destination (fixed)

  1. Serp
    Update 17.6.15:
    - Added a highlighting to the targetplot, so now you see the plot much better ;)

    Since whoward did not update one of his mods since one year, I upload a fixed version of his UI-Destination.

    The latest version of this mod you can download at his picknmixmods.com website has a small bug: an "and" instead of an "or" in an if condition resulting in not showing the tiles in the same row like the unit.

    I also disabled the automatic scroll to the position, since this can be very anoying. If you would like to enable it again, just open the .lua and delete the "--" in front of "UI.LookAt(pMissionPlot, 0)".

    All credits go to whoward69 , I just fixed a bug :)

    Here the link to the unfixed original: