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Wild West Bank 2016-10-05

In the wild, wild, west, eavry town had a bank(I think), and that bank attracted criminals that wanted to rob it of its gold. This model is a messed up version of a bank and if you dont like anything about it, just tell me and ill gladfully change it. Please understand that this is my first contribution to the CivFanatics Site. Made with Maya 7.01(NOT 3DS MAX!!!:mad:) and Photoshop. 100% Maya:D.

P.S.: The inspirer behind the creation of this building is Woodelf, I read a comment he said that he posted, stating that he wants to finish a whole western town, and I really wanted to help him, so I did this bank for fun, just to test the new Maya (NOT 3DS MAX!!!:mad:) exporter. Thank you, Woodelf, for providing me with this inspiration!:)

Edit: Completely Changed mesh, and Texture. Enjoy. I also left the 512 Res texture in , so if you wanted to use it, but it originally uses a 256 res texture.
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