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Wildlife (Reborn) 2016-10-05

Wildlife (Reborn)

  1. LeeS
    Adds Wild Animals that spawn as Barbarian Units on randomly selected map-plots rather than inside Barbarian Encamptments. See Wildlife (Reborn) Discussion Thread

    The download will be a Wildlife (Reborn)_v_8.civ5mod file that will be downloaded to your downloads folder. Eithere extract using 7z or Winrar and copy the extract file into the Game's "MODS" folder, or copy/paste the Wildlife (Reborn)_v_8.civ5mod file into your game's MODS folder and Civ5 should auto-extract it next time you go into the MODS menu.


    1. wildlife2_aDL.jpg
    2. autoplay00_5NN.jpg
    3. autoplay06_qd5.jpg