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Wizard-King Unit 2016-10-05

Here's a Wizard "King Unit" I made. I say he's a "King Unit" because he's a little larger than average units, like the other king units are. Yes, that was intentional. ;)

He comes with 6 different attack animations, 2 different fidgets, and 2 different deaths, and a "teleport" (paradrop) animation. I wanted him to get different spells as he upgraded or changed eras. I'm not happy with the regular death animation, but I re-rendered it about 5 times, adjusting it each time, and then having to deal with Poser's Cloth Room each time, which had a tendency to crash on me more often than not, prior to my upgrading my RAM 3/4 of the way through making this unit. I'm not using that death myself (I'm using DeathB), so you'll have to live with the death as it is! :D

Much thanks to Utahjazz7 for his unit making tutorial, Plotinus for his tutorial on Poser's Cloth Room (and I don't remember, but I may have used one of his anims for my unit somewhere), and tom2050 for his ice storm and meteor spells. I know I didn't ask you if I could incorporate those spells into the unit Tom, so if you want I can remove those spells from the download.

The unit might jump a bit in the previews, or be located in different locations in the pink box, but that's just for the preview; ingame the unit should be fine. I split it into 3 different previews because the palette was making one long continuous preview anim have too few colours for each displayed flc.

Anyways, enough babbling... enjoy the unit... feel free to mod/alter/recolour or resize/cut-and-paste/etc. this unit as you please. :)

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