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WoC Lite merge with RevDCM 2016-10-05

WoC Lite merge with RevDCM

  1. johny smith
    This is a stand alone but will probably be updated in the future. This is a merge of the WoC Lite, the WoC Lite addons, and RevDCM 1.02.

    There is a known bug for starting scenarios being worked on still.

    This includes the WoC Inquisitors as well as the WoC Lite Super Spies. They have not been configured to be turned off through python. If you want them out simply disable the folder in the MLF file, or move the folder from modules to unloaded modules.

    Modular loading should be set to 0 for this.

    Of course this based off glider's code and the WoC's code. This is not an official release from glider.

    The thread for discussion here.


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