WoC Lite Rapture 2016-10-05

WoC Lite Rapture

  1. johny smith
    New WoC Lite Version

    Ok here is just a showcase file at this point for Rapture. The mod intends to drastically change the way religions play in the game. This is just a small intro to what is being worked on.

    The religions are founded in 4 different ways. Either on the start of the game, by building a shrine, through a technology, or by a prophet making a religious schism.

    The game is set to have many different varieties of religions that do not act like a copy of another, but everything is not there yet. This is at an alpha stage. I am putting here early for people to get a taste of it and to show them if they want to get their feet wet with working with it.

    It uses the WoC modular system and comes with greatly extended Font files. As is set now there are 94 religions planned and available to be worked with in the mod, but comes with 30 full denominations at this point.

    This will be updated in the future.

    I would like to thank everyone that has helped with the mod.
    Faichele the main programmer for the super job, Mr Genie for the humongous Font files being able to work in BtS, Rockinroger for a gigantic amount of xml work, Hrochland for many super buildings, Refar for quite a few really nice buildings, the Total Realism crew for their great art, Arain for movies(but not all in yet), and many more.

    Oh forgot the project area is here.


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