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Wolfenstein Scenario/Mod 2016-10-05

Wolfenstein Scenario/Mod

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody,

    I am glad to upload my last mod/scenario using the jedi.pimp map/mod. I added some flags so I am uploading my new scenario which I called Wolfenstein, inspired on the last game of the series Wolfenstein. For those who don't know this game here the story behind it:

    The year is 2013, and 70 years ago Nazi Germany has won the second world war. During the second world war, Nazi Germany didn't attack the sovietic union and they concentrated all their forces against the allies coalition, leading them to easily invade Great Britain, North Africa, Norway and Middle East. Meanwhile Russians succeeded in their war against Finland and they fully invaded it. In Asia, Japan defeated the american fleet and invaded the Hawaii. As a consequence, americans had to surrender, but at least it guaranteed the indipendence of North America.
    Obviously, the State of Israel has never been founded and very few ebraic people managed to escape in North America or South America. Without pressure of the western europe and americans, USSR has never fallen.
    In Asia, Japanese empire controls the Pacific, including Malasya, Indonesya, the whole Korea, and Thai peninsula. China managed to grant independence from Japan, with the exception of Hong Kong, still controlled by Japanese Empire.
    The description is easy to understand... This world is literaly an Hell on Earth and the last small slice of democracy remained is represented by the DCA (Democratic Countries Alliance) formed by the whole North America, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar. South America didn't have any changes, because the opposite war result of the world war did'nt affected the history evolution (indeed the leaders are the same of the actual days).
    Nazi Germany, however, doesn't feel "satisfied", the new Furer Olga Felmann, is going to continue the plan of extermination of what she consider the remaining minor races. She is planning to exterminate africans.... As a consequence, to have some small chances to defend, the independent african countries formed a new coalition, but defense is nearly impossible without DCA help.
    Nazi Germany, didn't stop their dishuman research and extermination camps in Europe continued to work, untill they converted Island into a big extermination camp, forming a metropolis called Biotech Lab, specifically created to carry on the experiments of the "minor races prisoners". These resarches in the last 70 years, lead Germany to boost their technological progress creating Mechs, Clones, giant tanks, advanced bombers and so on. Germany indeed is the only contry which starts with all technologies, including future techs.

    Will you be able to defeat them?



    1. imagescawux5or_207.jpg
    2. civ4bts_20140830_230820_63F.png
    3. civ4bts_20140830_230911_PVD.png
    4. civ4bts_20140830_231011_epp.png
    5. civ4bts_20140830_230942_Qb1.png
    6. civ4bts_20140830_230846_8V7.png
    7. civ4bts_20140830_231030_795.png