WolfRevolution Zip file 2016-10-05

WolfRevolution Zip file

  1. phungus420
    Note, currently most of my focus is on the Unofficial Expansion Project Legends of Revolution If you enjoy WolfRevolution, you should try Legends, it has taken the vision farther. Also of note, since I have focused my attention on Legends, I have removed all my changes to the base Wolfshanze and Revolution DCM modcomponents, WolfRevolution has become a pure merge.

    The main download for WolfRevolution is here:
    The above link uses an automatic installer, and also included icon scripting which looks much more proffessional, so I recommend it over the zip available on this page :p

    This is a zip file of WolfRevolution for those who prefer to manually install WolfRev, rather then use the installer that is used for the ease and convenience of most users. For more information see the WolfRevolution thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=292578

    WolfRevolution is currently v 1.4.0, and is a merge of Wolfshanze 2.85 & RevolutionDCM 1.02