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WolfRevolution 2016-10-05


  1. phungus420
    Wolfshanze's Revolution is a merge of the Wolfshanze Mod, and RevolutionDCM.
    It is entirely stable and uses an installer. This mod is click and play and requires no computer knowledge to install and enjoy.

    If this mirror does not work on your machine/internet connect, try the alternate mirror at Atomic Gamer: WolfRevolution alternate download mirror

    See the WolfRevolution thread for more details.
    Also if you enjoy WolfRevolution, you are should check out Legends of Revolution
    The Unofficial Expansion Project

    Last update made on 3 Dec 2009
    Current Version is WolfRevolution 1.6.1, which is a merge of Wolfshanze 2.85 and RevolutionDCM 2.61 and is for BtS 3.19


    1. newmainmenu_3W9.png