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Wondrous Goody Huts 1.35

Introduces eight wondrous new tribal village rewards.

  1. Sailor Cat
    Wondrous Goody Huts
    Steam Workshop
    Introduces eight new tribal village rewards, including:
    • You discover a new natural wonder.
    • A random resource in your territory.
    • A random unique unit.
    • A random improvement in your territory, including those unique to other civilizations.
    • A random policy from your current era.
    • Your unit has its formation upgraded.
    • Your unit receives wilderness training (+1 sight, can see through features).
    • A meeting with an unmet city-state.
    • Does not replace or change existing tribal village rewards.
    • If your reward can't be granted, the mod will default to a random unit.
    • Random units, resources, and improvements require you have the prerequisite tech or civic, with the exception of resource improvements.
    • Random improvement spawner will not spawn a watchtower, industry, or corporation.
    • Enhanced sight lasts until the unit is upgraded.
    Reward Personalization
    Reward you find totally preem? Reward that gets your britches bunched? Navigate to the Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\289070\2384120911 folder and open the Sailor_Goodies_Defines.sql file in a text editor. You'll find a code block at the top made for easy editing of each reward's percentage-chance. Don't forget to save.

    The current version of Wondrous Goody Huts is v1.35. Current and previous versions can be found on Github.