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World 120 AD 2016-10-05

World 120 AD

  1. Thor Macklin
    This is a world map converted from Rhye's CivIV map. based off the year 120 AD.
    With the Empire of Rome; under the leadership of Hadrian, having reached it's
    greatest extent. The Kushan dominating all of northern India and bactria.
    Parthia, though stunned from losing land to Rome, is still a formidable threat
    in size and military. And China is enjoying it's vast riches while still in conflict with
    it's the raiding Northern Xiongnu, who's collapse may trigger evens that will change
    history forever!

    Civilizations included:
    Arabian Empire - Arabs
    Aztec - Mayans
    Chinese - Han
    Egyptian - Nubia and Axumites
    English - Celtic Tribes
    Germany - Goths and Branches
    India - Kushan Empire
    Japan - Yamato Culture
    Mongol - Northern Xiongnu and Huns
    Persia - Parthian Empire
    Persia - Iranic Barbarians
    Roman Empire
    Russian Empire - Balto-Slavic Barbarians
    Siamese Empire -Funan

    City States:

    This map has been entirely redone.


    1. 120_overview_3kQ.png