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World 2014 Scenario 2016-10-05

World 2014 Scenario

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello everybody,

    I am glad to upload a new scenario about World 2014, which works for World 2013 mod (I have just upgraded the map of the World 2013 scenario). Here you can read the changes I did:

    1) I removed the United Kingdom civilization and their cities have been assigned to EU (even if UK is not member of eurozone is anyway member of European Union);
    2) I added a new african civilization: The Republic of Madagascar with his actual leader;
    3) I upgraded the Iranian leader according to the iranian elections occurred in 2013;
    4) After the recent mess in Ukraine in these last months, I assigned Kiev to EU, while Sebastopol has been added to Russian Federation;
    5) After the annexion of Crimea to Russian Federation, the relationship between Russia and EU/USA have got worse;
    6) With the new leader of Iran, the relations with EU/USA have slightly improved (from -10 to -1).

    Have fun!!!:)


    1. civ4bts_20140327_154510_pc8.png
    2. civ4bts_20140327_154528_2w2.png
    3. civ4bts_20140327_154741_ExJ.png
    4. civ4bts_20140327_154757_HkA.png