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World Piece v0.62 2016-10-05

World Piece v0.62

  1. Seven05
    World Piece v0.62​

    Well, I finally decided to stop being greedy and share. The World Piece mod is my collection of personal tweaks and adjustments to the game, most of the changes were directed at the AI with some rule adjustments tossed in based on my own preferences. In short, you'll play on a randomly generated map with a realsitic climate against AI that plays smarter without too many bonuses and the overall game will still feel very much like a game of Civilization. It's a work in progress and there is still a lot of work to do, many of the changes (traits for example) are in their early stages of development.

    1. Download the current version
    2. Extract into your Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods folder
    3. Run the mod through the in-game advanced menu option 'Load Mod'

    Playing World Piece:
    The current map script will generate a random world with multiple continents and try to establish an old world and a new world much like the terra map script. The maps look best when playing on large or huge worlds although standard size maps are generally acceptable. The map script is very slow to generate worlds due to its complexity, go have a sandwich and don't panic unless the background music stops playing :)

    World Piece is fully MP compatible, to the same degree that BtS is anyway.

    Make sure to visit the World Piece forum thread for additional information and full details of the changes.