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A WW2 Europe scenario for Civilization 1 created by @simonnomis .

Zip contents:
CIVIL3.MAP - CivDOS save file
CIVIL3.SVE - CivDOS save file
S_WW2Eur.sav - CivWin save file

Scenario converted to Civilization for Windows using MountainMn10's CivCracker and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Respective files successfully tested in CivDOS & CivWin. Recommend CivWin users try the scenario with Honza's CivWin DOS graphics mod and Blake's CivWin Soundtrack Overhaul mod.

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Authors notes and rules:
War has been declared, the Polish have been invaded and their cities partitioned, and the Soviets and Nazis are staring at each other menacingly along their new border.

The British and French fail to take adequate preparations for the defence of France and the Low Countries. Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Brussels fall quickly, the British army is wiped out and escapes across the English Channel, and Calais falls.

Intelligence reports suggest that Paris, Le Havre, Brest and Bordeaux are all under attack and about to fall, and a new French government at Vichy is formed.

Spoiler :
The game starts in 1940. The objective is CONQUEST: the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER (destruction) of Nazi Germany and occupation of all German and Italian cities. If a space race erupts during the war, you are expected to WIN that as well as a secondary objective (but otherwise you'll want to reserve your resources for military spending).

- You are playing the ENGLISH, your capital is London and you have 11 cities across the British Isles (you do not control the Irish Free State, which is neutral).
- The entire map has been revealed, although the precise location of every city has not been revealed.
- The game contains 7 players: English, German, Egyptian, Chinese, Russian, Indian and Zulu.
- The English represent the British
- The Germans represent Nazi Germany and Italy as the AXIS powers
- The Russians represent the Soviet Union
- The Zulus represent Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria
- The Egyptians will represent the VICHY FRENCH forces (following the likely collapse of their forces in the north)
- The Chinese represent the Hungarians, sometime allies of the Germans
- The Indians represent the neutral nations: Spain, Sweden and Ireland
- You have EMBASSIES establised in every captial, your spies keeping you regularly updated on events in Europe.

The British have run their armed forces down during the previous decade and therefore have a tiny army. Building this up will be a priority.

They do, however, have a strong Navy to defend the Channel and ship-building technologies like Steel and Combustion. They have also developed Advanced Flight technology, but no planes have currently been built.

Despite the lack of military, the British cities have good potential, with an already well developed rail and agriculture infrastructure. They also have a high resource potential, if factories or MFG plants are built and hills mined. UNFORTUNATELY, because your government was just overthrown, your treasury is running short of cash in Despotism. You'll probably want to switch to a Republican government as soon as possible (you don't have Democracy yet), and devise means to make money.

The Axis are at war with the Soviets, which should give you time to build up your own forces, assuming the Soviets don't collapse too soon. The two sides are very unlikely to make peace (vendetta).

No civilisation has University or Trade, and most don't even have libraries. This is to try and slow down the rate of tech advance. Different players have different starting technologies though - eg the Nazis are the only ones with Robotics and thus Artillery units, and the English the only ones with Steel and Battleships at this stage. Most have Automobile and thus ARMORS though.

You are not allowed to declare war on either the NEUTRALS (Indians) or BALKANS (Zulus), and may not capture any of their cities unless already occupied by another power. If they declare war on you, you can defend yourself but NOT capture any of their cities. You can, however, attack the Hungarians, Russians and Vichy French as well as the Nazi Germans, as much as you like.

NO CHEATING (obviously): This includes the settler cheat (not that your cities need much more irrigating or mining).

You are allowed to use NUKES as much as you want, if you develop the technology. However, do not build SDI defences (as it gives a hugely unfair advantage to human players).

You can make peace with the Germans for as long as you want, bearing in mind that you are trying to wipe them out, however.

You ARE allowed to make Trade routes, but ONLY with the Neutral countries or Balkan countries.

The game is at King level, but will probably seem even easier than that as you are on an island and relatively secure from invasion.

OK so I think that covers everything that I can think of right now. Enjoy, hopefully.

Demonstration Video:
You can see me load up this scenario at the 25:32 mark in this Civilization 1 in HD tour video.

Scenario in CivWin with Honza's DOS graphics mod


Scenario in CivWin with vanilla graphics

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