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World War 3 in the Pacific 2016-10-05

World War 3 in the Pacific

  1. wonx2150
    World War 3 in the Pacific

    Description: As the super powers continue to grow ever more powerful talk of war is in the air. While China continues to grow stronger the smaller nations seek to Allie them self's with there neighbours. In order to have a chance if china decided to attack them. Some of the old powers remain defiant using there strength as a deterrent. Indonesia under its new Islamic government has grown increasingly stronger in recent times. The worlds once again drifting towards war who will be the victor?

    Install guide: Place the scenario file "WW3PACIF.SCN" into the civ2 folder and run the game. The Scenario should be in the Begin Scenario menu in the main menu.

    HAVE FUN :)

    Map and Scenario
    Made By Wonx2150

    Any problems, comments or suggestions. Contact me