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World War II - 1939 Mod for BTS 2016-10-05

World War II - 1939 Mod for BTS

  1. asioasioasio
    Could you make me big favour? Please support idea of adding Poland to Civilization V
    We, fans of the game, would like to see a change we can believe in! We dream of playing as a Poles, if not in an original release, then maybe in one of expansion sets that for sure are being planned. Please join our cause on FaceBook and back up our efforts by undersigning our petition on official 2K Games Forum. It might be just one small click for a man, one giant leap for civilized mankind. Many thanks for your support.

    If you want thank you for my hard work on the mod please just click:

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Polan...ivilization-V/10150105328225319?v=wall&ref=nf become fan on facebook and write couple of words on 2K thread :). Thank you

    For old version for Warlord check here:

    WORLD WAR II 1939

    Requires Civilization IV with Beyond The Sword Expansion patched to version 3.19

    Here's thread - please post comment's there:

    Here's thread about Bugs - please post comment's from your betatestings there:

    Here's mod's subforum - talk in various threads about mod and scenarios:

    In v. 1.99 beta there are following modcomps used:
    KGB Wonder by GIR

    Tech tree for Germany. Below technologies in Civilopedia. Click on the images for larger version.

    Civics for Germany and civics' Civilopedia. Click on the images for larger version.

    - Asioasioasio [2D, 3D graphics, xml, texts, game concept]
    - Kodzi [2D, 3D graphics, xml, texts, game concept, music, scenario]
    - Splinter13 [2D, 3D graphics, xml, texts, game concepts]
    - Bergrar [Movies, 2D, 3D graphics, beta testing, webhosting, FTP]
    - Andban [xml, texts]
    - Jungle III [Scenarios, beta testing]
    - Snafusmith [2D, 3D Graphics, xml, Sounds]
    - Wotan321 [2D graphics, reskinning, beta testing, scenario, xml, texts]
    - PeteT [SDK, Python]
    - Shiggs713 [Movies, XML, Game Concepts, beta testing]
    - JediPimp [scenario]
    - Laurier [beta testing, webhosting]
    - DJ Anion [2D graphics]
    - GarretSidzaka [beta testing, 2D, 3D graphics]
    - Chuggi [2D, 3D graphics]
    - bernie14 [2D, 3D graphics]
    - Arian [Movies]
    - dutchking [2D, 3D graphics]
    - The_Coyote [2D, 3D graphics]
    - GeneralMatt [2D, 3D graphics]
    - Mexico [SDK, Python]
    - JEELEN [scenarios]
    - explorer2 [scenarios, game concepts]
    - Makke [2D graphics, game concepts, beta testing]
    - Hardner [scenarios, beta testing, game concepts]
    - Thunderfall [webhosting]
    - LoD @ www.civ.org.pl [webhosting]
    - Luko [beta testing, game concepts]
    - Jobabr [beta testing, game concepts]
    - LoneTraveller [2D, 3D graphics]
    - Alerion [2D, 3D graphics]
    - aman2192 [xml, scenarios]
    - Bigben34 [scenarios]
    - Fanatic Demon [SDK, Python]
    - sangeli [Python]
    - Blazapooloza [XML]
    And all who helped a lot - not directly connected to mod, but without theire work the mod won't be so good. Thx goes for: Maniac, xienwolf, davidlallen, Servius, Nautil, Sharick, danrell, Chamaedrys, Bakuel, Modfreak, Refar, avain, ArdRaeiss, charly1977, bmarnz, MozzA, HROCHland, GIR, Rabbit,White, SeZereth, Walter Hawkwood, JF00, Joe Harker, TheLopez, Dale, Zerver, Wolfshanze, Dom Pedro II, Xenomorph, jimkatalanos, AlazkanAssassin, snipperrabbit!!, Aranor, ohcrapitsnico, woodelf, Buddy3101, Elhoim, esnaz, frenchman, C.Roland, KarlX, Iuvavus, Raslin, Swarog, Fëanor, Robo Magic Man, krowtrobot, Rhye, Mr.Metis, mechaerik, KrugerPritz, cool3a2, civ.org.pl team, Wojtas, asso, Osprey Publishing, Wydawnictwo Militaria, Firaxis, Gamebryo, SFP1 Dev A-Team, Anders Lejczak @ www.colacola.se and others (sorry if i forgot someone)...
    .... aaah. I forgot Wikipedia - I think I'll make it as World Wonder in my personal mod.

    More info soon...


    1. jpgico_Jbl.jpg
    2. 1939_s3r.jpg
    3. diplomacy2_4ny.jpg
    4. 19392_vg6.jpg
    5. 1939diplomacy1_22Y.jpg
    6. tt_brit_B3w.jpg