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World War II - 1939 v 1.15b 2016-10-05


Version 1.15 Beta for Sid Meier's Civilization IV Warlords 2.08

The mod works on 2.08 version - so probably running it on warlords patched to 2.13 will crash the game. Sorry for inconvenience

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It contains:
- Complete new tech tree with 91 technologies allowing you to build warfare from 1935 to 1952 - from early tanks, bombers and infantry to ICBM with hydrogen bomb warheads. Discover new civics, religions, promotions. Get advantage using wonder warfare and discovering new techs earlier than your enemies.
- New civics Take your people closer to totalitarian country. Rule with steel hand or let people live in democratic country. Civics also will let you play your tactics on battlefield more efficient and mass-produce different types of warfare.
- 177 Units and a lot of them unique. That makes playing with III Reich completly different filling than playing Soviet Union.
- Complete and new system of promotions - 70 promotions wich will improve your land, naval and air units. Air units also get experience allowing you to produce legendary pilots.
- New soundtrack, sounds, movies and changes in GUI wich brings much more "honey" to the game. It gives a lot of climate to the mod and played games.
- 109 buildings and World and National Wonders - many of them made especially for this mod allowing to make your country cultural and military empire.
- New improvments - mines, trenches, bunkers... brings you the game more historical and ads bigger challenge.
- Powerfull alliances Religions are switched to axis, west allies and comintern alliances. Make vassals, conquer or defend world.


- Kodzi [2D, 3D graphics, xml, texts, game concept, music, scenario]
- Asioasioasio [2D, 3D graphics, xml, texts, game concept]
- Splinter13 [2D, 3D graphics, xml, texts, game concepts]
- Bergrar [Movies, 2D, 3D graphics, beta testing, webhosting, FTP]
- Andban [xml, texts]
- Jungle III [Scenarios, beta testing]
- Snafusmith [2D, 3D Graphics, xml, Sounds]
- Wotan321 [2D graphics, reskinning, beta testing, scenario]
- PeteT [SDK, Python]
- Shiggs713 [Movies, XML, Game Concepts, beta testing]
- JediPimp [scenario]
- Laurier [beta testing, webhosting]
- DJ Anion [2D graphics]
- GarretSidzaka [beta testing, 2D, 3D graphics]
- explorer2 [scenarios, game concepts]
- Makke [2D graphics, game concepts, beta testing]
- Hardner [scenarios, beta testing, game concepts]
- Thunderfall [webhosting]
- LoD @ [webhosting]
- Luko [beta testing, game concepts]
- Jobabr [beta testing, game concepts]
- Anders Lejczak @ [2D graphics]

And all who helped a lot - not directly connected to mod, but without theire work the mod won't be so good. Thx goes for: Nautil, Sharick, Chamaedrys, ArdRaeiss, charly1977, HROCHland, Rabbit,White, TheLopez, Dale, jimkatalanos, AlazkanAssassin, snipperrabbit!!, ohcrapitsnico, woodelf, Chugginator, Elhoim, esnaz, frenchman, C.Roland, KarlX, Iuvavus, Raslin, Swarog, Fëanor, Robo Magic Man, krowtrobot, Rhye, team, Wojtas, asso, Osprey Publishing, Wydawnictwo Militaria, Firaxis, Gamebryo, and others (sorry if i forgot someone)...


Just run the installation file and setup it to your mods directory in warlords.
By default it installs to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\

Apparently Vista has two Program Files. One is for Vista, the other is for (x86).
So install mod using following string for Vista users:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\WW2 1939

Some users eno****er problem with white flags - it's an issue with using some graphic crds. However it can be fixed. In case you have this problem (If you havn't the white flag problem don't install it!) install this patch - just unpack (for unpacking .zip you may use this freeware tool and move folder Assets to the WW2 1939 folder localized in Warlords\Mods\ folder. Overwrite all files and enjoy game with full color flags.

The mod is made (atm) in two languages. English by default and Polish wich replace French. The rest is one great mess - still it's under fixing. Even after fixing you'll find some issues with letters -> some west european are shown as central european and the English words are mixed with for example Spanish. So it's highly recommended to use english language.
You can switch this in options menu - Go to menu and switch Polish language (or any other) to English or in CivilizationIV.ini in My Documents\My Games\Warlords\ Folder
Switch from Language = 1 to Language = 0 . So it should look like this:
; English(0),French(1),German(2),Italian(3),Spanish( 4) - Defaults to user-installed language
Language = 0

Mod jest zrobiony w dwóch językach - angielskim i polskim (domyślnie zastępującym język francuski). Zeby wyswietlić dobrze teksty potrzebujesz zainstalować do Twojej wersji warlords - nieoficjalne spolszczenie, które możesz znaleźć tutaj:
Jeśli nie masz domyślnie włączonego języka polskiego możesz go ustawić w menu w opcjach lub w pliku CivilizationIV.ini w My Documents\My Games\Warlords\ Folder
zminić z Language = 0 do Language = 1 . wiec powinno wyglądać tak:
; English(0),French(1),German(2),Italian(3),Spanish( 4) - Defaults to user-installed language
Language = 1

To play the game just load the mod (Choos Advanced -> Load Mod) - the game will restart and than choose one of the scenario to play.
You may setup to load mod automaticly in .ini file located in My Documents. You need to change it to:
; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
Mod = MODS\WW2 1939


Spoiler :
V 1.15b
- New versions of scenarios.
- Building BM-13, Medic, Forced_labourer doesn't crash game anymore. It also displays well theire small buttons.
- Building Olympia Stadium, Colloseum, National Expansion Memorial, League Of Nations, Arc de Triomphe, Red Cross, Brandenburg Gate, Leaning Tower, Discovering DNA Structure, Discovering Penicillin doesn't crash game anymore. Now it plays movie for that wonders or show pictures of them (in case we don't have movie).
- Disabled civilopedia texts wich was causing CTD.
- Fixed graphics of units wich was causing CTD.
- Corected playing movies for a-bomb and h-bomb test sites
- Completly rebalanced buildings - new parameters, costs, requirements, buildings' options.
- Decreased technology cost - around 20-30%.
- Changed cost of tanks - it costs now around 10% more.
- ISBM and heavy tanks (and most of medium) costs two golds per turn more.
- Light tanks and some medium tanks (mostly russian) costs one extra gold per turn (so all this changes should slightly change unit ratios of army (now is 5 tanks : 1 infantry)- keeping big tank armies would be expensive now).
- All units except transport units moves slower.
- Now trading over the ocean is possible.
- Building League Of Nations doesn't treager Global Elections.
- New Building - United Nations - Allows to win game diplomaticly. Available with Discovery of Color Television.
- Elite Marines and First Strike 2 Promotions doesn't give so much First Strike Ability now.
- M4 Sherman and Mk VI Crusader doesn't get to much First Strike now.
- Missiles now operational - included Dale's Missiles Mod.
- Now animated V1, V2, Ballistic Missile, V2 with A-BomB Warhead, Ballistic Missile with A-BomB Warhead, P-38 Lightning.
- New model for Sherman Calliope, Messerchmitt Me-262 and Amiot 143.
- New Unit Amiot 350.
- Corrected displaying of buildings (some needed changes in model) on map (now all buildings appear on the map).
- Moved a-bomb and h-bomb test sites from national wonders buildings to projects and now it needs much efforts to build WMD
- To build a-bomb project you'll need to build 4 projects before (Isotope Manufacturing Plant, Induction Accelerator, Nuclear Reactor, Heavy Water Manufacturing Plant).
- To build h-bomb project you'll need A-Bomb Project complited and other project Tritium exctraction plant.
- To build "nukes" you'll need now A-Bomb Project.
- To build nuclear silos wich are used for ICBM with A warhead and H warhead, you require now H-Bomb Project complited.
- Building Bomb shelter doesn't require A-Bomb project complited anymore.
- Nuclear Plant require now fusion bomb technology.
- You cannot build now all wonders that was build before WW2 - so Colosseum will stand builded in Rome, if for example scenario will be on Pacific - you still won't be able to build colosseum. But it is possible to put it through World Builder.
- Warsaw Royal Palace , Versailles and Prague Castles are now unique buildings replacing palaces
- Reichstag and Hungarian Parliament are unique buildings replacing parliamentthis building in world builder, but it can't be builded during game play on the map.
- Germany now builds Afrika Korps instead Dessert Infantry
- Sounds for religions/ideologies
- New sounds for Sherman, Sherman Calliope, Willys MB, SDKfZ 222
- Some sounds set to mono and with lowered bitarate to lower memory need.
- Some textures cropped to lower memory need.
- Added strategy texts for Units.
- Other minor fixes.
First release
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