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World War II in the Pacific for BtS 2016-10-05

World War II in the Pacific
For Beyond the Sword 3.19

This scenario is an adaptation of the "World War II in the Pacific" scenario from Civilization 3: Conquests. The map has been reproduced and extended to include the Northern Pacific campaigns. It stretches from India in the west to the American Rockies, and from Adelaide, Australia, to Alaska. Most of the original scenario's units, techs, and placement of cities and armies have been copied. But it is much more than a simple conversion: it includes many new units and cities in addition to Python scripted time- and player-triggered events for a more realistic game experience.

Many changes have been made since the original Warlords release in May of 2007. New abilities such as ranged bombardment and air bombing are now included, the map has been extended to focus more on the CBI theater, and additional events have been added.

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