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World War II (Super Large World Map) 2.30

You were invited to the time of May 1940. Go back to that time and change the history of the world

  1. leihard7777
    WW2 START.jpg

    ww2 icons.jpg

    WW2 TRADE.jpg

    WW2 DOMESTIC.jpg

    WW2 diplomacy2.jpg

    ww2 tech3.jpg

    WW2 EAST.jpg

    (Lock Alliance)
    The Axis powers - Deutschland, Japan, Italy, Finland, Thailand
    The Allies - United Kingdom, France, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium
    Communist - Soviet Union, Mongolia
    Pan American Union - USA, Central America

    * Scenario loading time : 21 Minutes 30 Seconds (i5-6600 CPU 3.30GHZ, DDR4 16GB RAM, Sandisk SDD 120G)

    * No Raze city, No City limits, No Unit limits patch files are optional.
    Please refer to the readme file and run it.

    Civ3Conquests no raze city, no city limits, no unit limits Patch (Recommended)

    (More Informations)


    1. ww2 espionage.jpg
    2. WW2 FOREIGN.jpg
    3. WW2 WONDER2.jpg