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World War II World Map 2016-10-05

World War II World Map

  1. D551
    This scenario has an updated version at this link.

    WWII 1.9 By D551
    Hey yall this is my prized WWII scenario that ive been working on for the past few years
    off and on. Ive had a lot of testing on this scenario and all the bugs have been worked out
    if you find any please notify me in the forums at civ fanatics. Also ive done a bit of work
    on the civilopedia.

    there have been some changes that have been made to decrease the time in between turns:
    Air trade has been disabled
    Trade embargos disabled
    All Tech trade ablility has been disabled
    some maintanence costs removed

    feel free to re-activate at your own desire. The time in between turns will increase and its
    not all that fun to sit for forever so do so at your own discretion.

    Also to decrease time inbetween turns go to preferences and disable unit movement animations


    1. world_war_ii_bar_iFh.jpg
    2. wwii1_9ly.jpg
    3. wwii2_q0v.jpg