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World War III Scenario 2016-10-05

World War III Scenario

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody

    Here is my first scenario for Civilization IV BtS (World 2013 mod).
    That's It!
    After the continuing threats of North Korea to invade the South Korea, the USA decided to sign up a defensive pact with South Korea. China, in a specular way, decided to sign a treaty with North Korea consisting not in a defensive pact, but promised North Korea to attack USA in the case they use nuclear weapons against them.
    In the same time Iran signed with Russia a similar treaty in wich Russia would have attacked USA or EU in the case of a nuclear attack against them.
    After this, Iran and North Korea signed a permanent alliance and attacked with nuclear weapons South Korea and Israeli rispectively. USA, EU, UK, Canada, India declared war on Iran and North Korea alliance. USA, understimating the treaties signed with China and Russia, launched ICBM against Theran and Pyongyang rispectively.
    The third world war callad "THE ARMAGEDDON BATTLE" as mayan's profecy is so begun.
    The remaining states stayied neutral from conflict, but their intervention to this apocalictical war cannot be excluded in the future....

    I have made a whole match to test the scenario and I haven't spotted any bugs.

    Have fun


    1. wwiii_p9v.jpg
    2. world_war_iii_58L.jpg
    3. european_battlefield_4kk.jpg
    4. asian_battlefield_J39.jpg