World War Two Starting Unit and Locations 2016-10-05

World War Two Starting Unit and Locations

  1. kiwitt
    I have completed extensive research for my Civ 4 WWII Mini Mod for RTW, so I could place units accurately in my mod.

    However other people may benefit by this research in their own games, so I have decided to attach the file here.

    I will use these files in my mod (see discussion of my Mod here)

    see discussion of my file here

    Austrian Army (1938)
    1st Infantry Div (Vienna)
    2nd Infantry Div (Vienna)
    3rd Infantry Div (St Polten)
    4th Infantry Div (Linz)
    5th Mountain Infantry Div (Graz)
    6th Mountain Infantry Div (Innsbruck)
    7th Mountain Infantry Div (Klagenfurt)
    Schnelle Cavalry Div (Vienna)
    1 AA Guns (Vienna)
    2 Fighter Sqns
    1 Bomber Sqn