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Worldwar: In the Balance 2016-10-05

Worldwar: In the Balance

  1. Bultro
    Scenario for Civ2 Fantastic Worlds or MGE, based on "Worldwar" series of novels by Harry Turtledove, a mix of science fiction and alternate history.

    An absolutist empire of lizard-like aliens who just call themselves "The Race" has decided to invade and annex Earth, which they know as Tosev 3. They sent an invasion fleet of male soldiers to submit the Tosevites; in 20 years another space fleet, the colonization fleet, will reach Tosev 3 to populate it. But their calculations are wrong. They expected the Tosevites to be primitive, instead when the invasion fleet gets to Earth after many years of space travel, they find an industrialized and quickly evolving world, slightly less advanced than the Race, and already in the middle of a global conflict: World War II.

    You can choose to play:
    • The Race: they have unique and very powerful units, but no navy, and they won't get better units with advances. They also have nuclears, but want to use them sparingly, as the planet has to be preserved for the colonization fleet - until the Tosevites force them to retaliate...
    • Soviet Union: not sure if they hate more the Race or Germany!
    • Germany (and their european allies): the Nazis have already conquered France and started invading USSR, when the Race gets in the middle by taking over Poland. Government is Fascism, a modified Fundamentalism with no science penalty but unit support required.
    • Britain: their isle is well defended, but they still control a large colonial empire, threatened by the Race.
    • Japan: the japanese empire is at the top of its expansion when the Race arrives.
    • United States: at war with Japan on the Pacific, and invaded by the Race on their homeland.


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