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WW2 BB IJN Yamato(late, year 1943) 2016-10-05

WW2 BB IJN Yamato(late, year 1943)

  1. ArdRaeiss
    Second version of IJN Yamato, this time representing late version (year 1943) with 2*(3*155mm) secondary turrets and big amount of AA turrets and machineguns.
    Poly count is relative very high - 1178.
    Use the fscale=0.8 (very big ship - 72,802 tons in full load, "regular" ww2 battleship can be easely misrecognasied as "heavy cruiser" near this giant), and point to the Yamato2.kfm file in your XML.
    Can be used with my early Yamato without restrictions.

    Upd. 28-09-2006: fixed effects dummy rotations.