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WW2 Mitsubishi G4M long range torpedo bomber 2016-10-05

Another famous WW2 Japan Navy atack plane - Mitsubishi G4M twin engine long range torpedo bomber.
Exceptional range and speed with heavy torpedo(up to 800 kg) inside plus good low altitude stability makes this plane strong enemy to any warship. Lack of protection, from the other hand, makes him easy target for enemy fighters - if we don't count the tail 20mm gun.
Later modification G4M3 was heavily reworked - added self-sealing fuel tanks, armor protection, second 20mm gun in the turret. The cost of this improvements - range.
This was my planned third aircraft. But, the problems with propellers and other ideas delayed him until now. Feel free for use as Japan UU with good antiship bonus.

Model: new, 998 polys(incl. props)
Texture: new, 1 version
Animation: Civ4, use bomber.kfm
Effects: Civ4
Sounds: Civ4
Shadow: Civ4, use bombershadow.nif
Scale: fscale=0.25
Icons: 2 versions.

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