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WW2/PTW Special Unit/Tech Icons 2016-10-05

WW2/PTW Special Unit/Tech Icons

  1. ShadowOfDeath
    Some missing units civ-pedia icons from PTW, like American Anti-tank, German Anti-Tank, German Flamethrower/Combat Engineer, Mountain Infantry (gebirgsjager-style), made by myself of pictures from different sources.

    They can be used as a specyfic Technology Icons, depicting some of the weapon technologies or unit tactics.


    There are also some more, addition icons, made for my scenarios, like:
    - Civ2-stylised artillery icon, cut'n'shopped out from Wyrmshadow's Berlin Buster unit file
    - alternative icon for Divine Wind Tech, representing not Japanese suisiders but theyre Gerry counterparts from Luftwaffe Sondercommando (although thery were not technically suicide unit ;) )
    - Brit's tankbusters with PIAT
    - armoured trains (for alternative coverage of MagLev battletrain Icon, if you are using this unit in Industrial/Modern ages scenario)

    Be aware: I do not create the oryginal pictures, I only photoshopped them with some graphic mojo so they can fit into Civ-pedia style - I do not own copyrights so it is only for non commercial, private use with some Civ3 mods (the flamer and all tankbusters cames from Company of Heroes videogame, alt-flamer is from Wolfenstein series and Armored Train from Commandos 3)


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