WWI_Jon_Shafer_BtS319 2016-10-05


  1. isenchine
    Civ4 World War I Scenario by Jon Shafer (Firaxis), updated to BtS 3.19 by isenchine

    Scenario/Mod with Python events.

    Now with a custom dll but if you want to play it on a Mac, just delete the custom dll and eventually the file UncutDragon_GlobalDefines.xml!

    All Civilizations playable, including USA and Soviets.

    Version 12 uploaded on 18 November 2015

    Discussion thread

    - Original version: Chris Sulzbach, Dorian Newcomb, Justin Thomas, Nolan, Rhye.
    - Additional unit styles Mod 'Gray against Blue' by Niessuh (with additional art from Rabbit, White and Snafusmith). 'Gray against Blue' Thread.
    - Additional art work: snafusmith (units); dacubz145 (buttons, flags, units, leaderheads); embryodead, kathy (Camel Gunner); Bakuel (Russian worker); ramzay1945 (units for Russian Civil War).

    Unzip in BtS/Mods folder (Charlemagne, etc). Better replace completely the previous installation of the mod if any. Load BtS, then the Mod or double-click directly on the World_War_I.CivBeyondSwordWBSave file in the PrivateMaps sub-folder.


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  1. LyraddaryL
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Pretty cool!