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WWII New - Atlantic Theater Scenario [Official Release pending!] 2016-10-05

A beefed-up do-over of the OEM WWII scenario. BEEFCAKE!!!

  1. DukeCivStarcon
    UPDATE: *2017 - Jul 26* Major overhaul (actually, forked-remake) of this scenario underway. I bypassed the crash-causing bugs! And made other refinements. This is 100% better scenario now than the one posted here. I will be uploading shortly (under six months lol) PS I SEE THE FILE IS GONE, AND IT LOOKS LIKE COMMENTS ARE OFF HERE, NO ONE MESSAGED ME ALSO. I was not actively monitoring it for some time, apologies to anyone who was looking for it. Will get another posted ASAP

    >Posts CIV2 scenario for first time in 2016
    Am I fashionably late to the party?

    Skip the follow intro if you want to read about the Scenario below:

    --- [ (Obsolete soon!) - Intro ] ---

    I intended to build a scenario for CIVII. It just took a dozen+ years longer than I expected. And I only really have made it over the course of the last year and a half with numerous rewrites of scripts and so, so many other little (they're all little, since it isn't a remake of the actual game) changes. I consider this a finished product actually but I am putting out as a late beta and due to this this is considered a Request for Comment [RFC] Late Beta [.995] release. Why? Well, I am technically new to CIVII mods though have gained huge experience making this one. [Unrelated: I used to make Duke 3D levels. And other things like that. Random.]

    Will clarify I am somewhat piratey and did use various mods/scenario's graphics without specific authorization or proper attribution. I don't claim to own the originals if I did not modify them but a number are originals that are my own, others pretty significant remakes of units or other graphics others made and there may be a few I klepto'd wholesale. IF you notice these, and know who they belong to, or if they do not belong in this scenario due to conditions placed on them, notify me. I will find other graphics or obtain consent. Most are taken from Micropose published works or, quite frankly, random stuff found online. I tried to savagely appropriate as little in the way of graphics from the community here as possible but it inevitably happened especially given it is a WWII scenario.

    The other part is I have yet to finish my write-up on the game. I have a tactics mini-guide written up, some cliff notes on the scenario and so on, and that ought to be included. I'm a bit lazy so it isn't done. If people like the scenario however, which I am publishing as this late beta, I will surely finalize and include it in the 1.0 release. I also want to hear moaning about difficulty without said guide, as I imagine even veterans will find this scenario quite challenging. (Also, as per above, help in offering attribution for pirated graphics is requested. I don't even know where I got some of these, they may be from Civ sites since gone offline for example. And so.)

    Finally, I am aware of what could be called bugs in the scenario but sadly that is basically engine limitations (everyone knows these by now.) Most are of the "Known And Here Is The Workaround" variety. I really tortured the Civ II MGE engine. I really did. This scenario abuses it in many ways. Not all the ways. But many of them.

    I used the skeleton of the pre-packaged WWII scenario that came with Civ II when it first shipped. It really was skeletal to begin with and I am / was aware of its limitations when I started. It just seemed like a logical starting place for a total novice scenario creator (and what you see now is the product of my learning, I think you may see I have become fairly advanced by this time.)

    --- [ Scenario Info ] ---
    ] WWII New - Atlantic Theater Scenario
    ] v.0.995 [Late Beta]


    As name suggests this is a scenario focused on the Atlantic theater in WWII. It has some significant events pre-programmed in. Otherwise you are open to work with it as a normal game. Certain alliances and diplomatic limitations have been imposed, but this scenario is actually based on the pre-packaged CIV II default WWII scenario and it has been essentially upgraded and enhanced for realism. It is a much more involving and fun scenario to play in my estimation. It has an educational component which you will discover depending more on which side you are playing and which actions you take. Please read the intro for other details.


    Unzip, place in CIV II MGE Scenarios folder. You need MGE to run this game or something capable of interpreting MGE scenarios. 1024x768 minimum recommended resolution. Play WWIINEW.SCN. Please report via private message (or comments if they are available) what you think are bugs in this thread/post or the thread related to this post.

    May the best player and side win! Enjoy!