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[XML] Museo del Prado 2016-10-05

[XML] Museo del Prado

  1. dacubz145

    Museo Del Prado
    Spoiler :
    *Grants 1 Great Painting Resource
    *50% Culture
    *increase chance to produce great Artist
    *Cost 750
    *Required Aesthetics and Printing Press

    Great Painting
    Spoiler :
    Resource Similar to Hit movies, singles etc
    *+1 Happiness
    *Can only get it by building Museo Del Prado

    Spoiler :
    The Three Graces have attracted many tourists. two options:
    *Allow the city to flourish on tourism (+100 gold, +50 culture)
    *Expand the museum for the new tourists (-100 gold, +150 culture)

    Comes with a movie, as well as is translated to Italian, german, spanish, and french. Its modular

    Spoiler :
    *Realism Invictus for the art
    *Wikipedia for articles
    *Here for movie picture
    *Here for painting button
    *Roamty for fonts


    1. movie_zD2.jpg