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[XML+Python] Promotion: Barbar hunter 2016-10-05

[XML+Python] Promotion: Barbar hunter

  1. The_J
    This mod component ads a promotion to the game, which allows units to gain experience through fights against barbarian units, even after they reached the 10XP limit for fight against barbarians. The promotion will also be used by the AI under certain circumstances.

    The download includes besides the PromotionInfos.xml and text XML for the promotion entry the CvEventManager.py with 2 changes (labeled with barbar hunter) and the promotion button (out of this pack by Rabbit, White).

    In the modified sections there are also 2 things, which influence the AI decision about picking the promotion, which are BUILDINGCLASS_GREAT_WALL and TRAIT_AGGRESSIVE (so in case you removed these, you have to change them here too).

    guidelines for AI decissions:
    Spoiler :
    AI will pick the promotion if:
    - not "no barbarians" is activated
    - the current player era still allows barbarians
    - the unit is on a plot owned by the AI or on a neutral plot (so no dumb picking during a city siege)
    - the unit level is below 8 (so not wasting a possibility for combat V or Blitz)
    - and picking the promotion is really valid
    Then a dice is rolled, and picking gets more likely if raging barbarians is activated or the player is aggressive, less likely if the player has the great wall.

    This mod component was requested by hrochland.

    In case people are interested in similar mod components, they should take a look at Basic Barbarian Great General Experience.

    Reuploaded on March, 5th, 20:37 forum time. Fixed a typo which made the whole thing nonfunctional. Thanks to hrochland for discovering this bug :).


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