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[XML+Python] Water 2016-10-05

[XML+Python] Water

  1. The_J
    This small modcomp adds an improvement (well), which will add fresh water to the plot and the surrounding ones, and gives the same effect to aquaeducts.
    The effect is done through an invisible feature, which is generated after building the improvement/building. Sorry, no better way to do it :blush:.

    The AI is not aware off this effect, but the values for the well will prevent spawning it, but there's a good chance, that the AI will use it, if there's really bad terrain.

    There are 4 changes in the CvEventManager, all labeled with "water".

    The modcomp was originally requested by -sr.

    The improvement graphic for the well is from here. It was created by woodelf.

    The Dune Wars mod uses the same system for water, and i in my mod only the water in cities. I didn't really copy it, i've all done by myself, bu the idea was also developed there.

    Edit: Re-uploaded, September, 5th, 6:04 PM forum time.
    Fixes the bug, which was reported by -sr (see below).
    All references from the new "IMPROVEMENT_WELL" are changed to "IMPROVEMENT_WATERWELL".

    Edit 2: Re-uploaded, September, 8th, 7:42 PM forum time.
    Changed the well graphic to the new animated one by hrochland (here).

    Edit 3: Re-uploaded, February, 14th 2012, 16:06 forum time.
    Fixed the wrong art defines entry for the well (appeared as red blob). Thanks to stolenrays for pointing it out.


    1. freshwater_FD2.jpg