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XX WW3 Scenario 2016-10-05

This is a Scenario for Andy Terry's XX Century Mod 3 (For Warlords)

You can find it here:

Every wanted to know what the end of the world would be like at the end of 2012? We'll here my WW3 Scenario for that. This is the version without starting ICBMs.

This is a modified version of The Small World Scenario, it has been modified as much as possible to fit what a WW3 Scenario would look like by January, 2013.

Here's an introduction to what has lead to the war:

It all starts with Iran, and the Western nations continued need to hold a monopoly over the world s oil. An anti-Western Revolution that re-emerged back in Russia left it reborn with new authority, authority that was not going to allow the Middle East to be Controlled by the West. When the West finally went to war with the Middle East, Russia soon followed. The situation eventually escalated, and Russia took the first step in cutting off through Eastern Europe, war followed. All in the mean while, the U.S. forces become spread thin, China seizes this opportunity and declares war on Tawian, bring Japan and S. Korea along with it. In the New World, under leader ship from countries like Venezuela, Latin America unites and boycotts the United States. The U.S. in turn attempts many government coups, all of them fail. War eventually breaks out.

Here's an overview of what each nation is like:

1. Russia (Lenin) - The increased of billionaires and colossal corruption within Russia has created another desperate outcry. Communism has reared its ugly head back again. A new leader has taken up an old name from history.

Russia has many enemies and few allies. It still retains a massive (But out dated) military. It will be confronted with Europe to it's west, Iran to the South, and the American and Royal Navy from both sides. Siberia will not to be carefully watched as China greed grows stronger and tensions between the two increase.

Pros: Huge Military, Large Amounts of Resources.

Cons: Lots of land to defend, a three front war, and a weak economy.

2. USA (Bush) - Still the worlds top dog, but China is fast approached. It is still both the wealthiest and the most powerful with a strong amount of allies, but it by far the most work to do and fights nations from all around the globe. The draft has been imposed and America has become a police state. You will have to deal with Latin America to the South, China to the East, Russia and Africa to the west, and the oiled fill nations in between.

Pros: Powerful up-to-date military and a strong economy.

Cons: Enemies from all over.

3. Canada (Trudeau) - A top industrial nation, but a severely weak military. A direct invasion from Russia would be impossible to stop without American assistance. Canada primary role in this role is as a support country.

4. Brazil (Vargas) - Leading nation in the new Latin America Alliance. Brazil will need to do everything it can to support Mexico, although without assistance from the outside, it is likely Brazil will only be able to stand up to America for so long.

5. Argentina (Peron) - In the same boat as Brazil, help your allies and stay alive as long as possible. Try and get support from other countries and hope that America doesn't put too much focus on Latin America.

6. Germany (Kohl) - With the combined armed forces of France, it may seem like a capable military with a city filled with cultural wonders. It is heavily industrialized and its military industry output is far beyond the normal. However, Germany is small and Russia is ready for invasion. Can Germany hold out long enough until reinforcements arrive?

7. South Africa - Warlords all over Africa have combined and adopted the Islam faith. South Africa will have the rest of Africa coming down on it, this will become a great struggle. America is close by though, and will be of great assistance in the oncoming war.

8. India - China has declared war! India is strong and large, but can it withstand the huge military complex that China has created? Fortunately China is fighting on many fronts.

9. Australia - The war is started yes Australia is hardly even capable of defending itself against the likes of China and Russia. Get a strong navy and army built and built quickly. Japan and India will great wish for your support in this war.

10. Japan - China has declared war and huge naval battle is going to begin. There is a significant amount of American support, but it isn't enough, what ever happens, don't let China send an invasion force across.

11. Saudi Arabia - A great deal of worlds oil is still yours. But the oncoming strength of the West is coming, you will need the strength of your Islam brothers and sisters to get through.

12. Iran - A strong military, but being at war with both the West and Russia will make things difficult. On top of that, your borders are closing in. Do something fast or your people will starve.

13. Zaire - Finally, Africa has united, build that is worthy of a continent.

14. China - The worlds largest source of manpower has become industrialized and a grave threat to Western Civilization. It is now time for China to rise again. You will have to fight Japan and America to the East, the British to the South, and India to the west. Your army is strong but your navy is weak.

15. United Kingdom - The shadow of the English Empire still maintains some amount of power. The Royal Navy is small and but vital in both the Pacific and the Atlantic.

16. Egypt - The war has started and Islam is being threatened. Help your fellow Islamic brothers and sisters through this struggle.

17. Spain - Russia is coming from the East, Latin America rebelled to the west, and Islam is United and Africa is a threat, where will you focus your efforts?

18. Mexico - The most likely to be conquered, hope that assistance from Brazil and Argentina comes in time. The industrial and military size of America is not going to be easy to resist.

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