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Year of the four emperors (68-69 d.c.) [WARLORDS] Version 4 2020.10.25

Quattro imperatori scenario

  1. Paolo80
    Hi guys,

    here a warlords' scenario setting in the four emperors years (69 d.c.). You can play as Galba, Otho, Vitellius or Vespasian. Your goal is conquering the three Italian cities Mediolanum, Bedriacum and Roma. There are still some points to fix. This scenario is only in Italian language.

    17/01/2020: I fixed some bugs. I added a "mercenaries" choice at the beginning of the game.

    16/02/2020: I added English text and intro screen. I commented python changes

    25/10/2020: I fixed AI's behavior, I improved victory's condition and score calculation. Now right of way is always granted.

    Here the historic link:


    Here the discussion link:


    I'm waiting for suggestions.


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