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Yet Another Giant Earth Map 2016-10-05

Yet Another Giant Earth Map

  1. Gedemon
    Yet Another Giant Earth Map is an edited convertion of Gengis Kai Giant Earth Map for Civ IV, rescaled to 180x94 and with true starting location for each civ.

    The convertion was no small work (I had to delete/redo all features and rivers) and would'nt have been possible without the Unofficial Worldbuilder by JeBuS27.

    9 versions of the map included:
    - blank map with only features to use for scenario making or play without TSL (realistic position for rivers, mountains, hills, forests, jungles, marsh, and natural wonders)
    - all civs
    - old world civs, just City States in new world
    - all civs except US
    - the native americans nations edition, as in YAHEM
    - 4 deluxe versions of the above maps including Babylon

    Installation :

    - download the civ5mod files to your mod folder.
    - launch civ5, go to the mod browser and click "install mod"
    - find the Y.A.G.E.M line and activate the mod.
    - from the mod section, go to single player and set up a game
    - select one of the YAGEM map
    - check "load scenario", select your civ and game option and click on "launch scenario"

    Thanks, credits : Genghis_Kai, JeBuS27, and google earth / wikipedia for the rivers and starting plot placement :D

    Warning: This map may need a lot of CPU/GPU/RAM ressources.

    this version is outdated

    The new version is part of my earth maps pack, any question / comments and suggestion should be posted there.

    thank you.


    1. yagem_mo_8o3.jpg
    2. yagem_chjp_t6O.jpg
    3. yagem_s_asia_DlI.jpg
    4. yagem_euro_j0G.jpg
    5. yagem_inf_asia_Q39.jpg
    6. yagem_inf_euro_a7a.jpg
    7. yagem_inf_us_lz2.jpg