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Yet Another Huge Earth Map 2016-10-05

Yet Another Huge Earth Map

  1. Gedemon
    new v0.4 updated with Mongolia. Yet Another Huge Earth Map is based on Dale's True Starting Location huge earth map. The biggest change is a upscaling of western europe to give a few more starting hex to England, France and Roman Empires. Japan is upscaled the same way.

    A lot of other minor change have been made to help gameplay.

    11 new city States have been added to the existing ones (and some have been removed), mostly to populate Africa and America and free Europe.

    There are 3 versions of the map (all without Babylon, but Mongolia is added):

    1- Old world start, no civ in america but some city states.
    2- All civs available
    3- All civs except US but native americans nations added

    Installation :

    - download the civ5mod files to your mod folder.
    - launch civ5, go to the mod browser and click "install mod"
    - find the Y.A.H.E.M line and activate the mod.
    - from the mod section, go to single player and set up a game
    - select one of the three YAHEM map
    - check "load scenario", select your civ and game option and click on "launch scenario"

    v0.4 changes :

    - bugfix: some civs shared the vision of some city states, resolved
    - mongolia TSL added

    this version is outdated

    The new version is part of my earth maps pack, any question / comments and suggestion should be posted there.

    thank you.


    1. europe3_Vc2.jpg
    2. yahem4_H6b.jpg
    3. yahem5_3fY.jpg