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Yet Another Mine Unit 2016-10-05

made this unit real quick for my personal use and thought I'd share it with you guys just for the heck of it. Fidget, death, and defualt are the only animations include (fidget is used for fortify, defualt is used for run, and death is used for attack), and the one sound (death) links over to one of the .wav's that the artillery uses.

I'm fairly sure it's impossible to implement these kinds of units in-game, but you're free to try obviously. I did add an immobile turret once that had def and bombard values, and no attack. The AI actually used it (dropped it from a nearby continent near one of my island cities and began bombing away)... So I suppose you could give it low cost, high bombard, low def, airdrop, immobile, hidden nationality (possibly invisible), and zero bombard range. Then I know they'd airdrop 'em near your cities, but with hidden nationality, there'd be a lot of suicide attempts. Maybe one def, high bombard, and the cruise missile flag(?). Then they'd attempt to attack you with 'em by dropping them near you or your unit... Not sure if that'd work though.

Anyway, here it is. Preview lost a lot of quality, looks better in FLICster. Also, for some reason flc2gif cuts on of the frames off of the last direction, making it look like it skips... This doesn't happen in FLICster.
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