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Yet Another Mod Launcher (4.0) 2016-10-05

Yet Another Mod Launcher (4.0)

  1. TC01
    Civ 4 Mod Launcher by TC01: v4.0

    I know there are lots of other programs out there for launching mods. So why am I releasing this one, which started out as merely a programming exercise? Because it supports Colonization.

    This program, when ran, tries to automatically detect the Civ 4, Warlords, BTS, and Civ 4 Col install paths from your computer. If it fails, it will prompt you for them, giving you the option to tell the program that you don't have a certain version installed. This data is saved to the program's settings and is never asked for again when the program is ran (unless you click the Reset Settings button).

    It was programmed in Visual Basic .NET, so it requires Microsoft's .NET framework. I think it will work with some combination of 2.0/3.0/3.5, but it also works on my Windows 7 computer with only .NET 4.0 installed. You can download that here.

    It is an open source program. You can do what you want with the source, but neither me nor anyone else listed below can be held responsible if the program (or it's source code) somehow damages your computer.

    Version 2.0 of this program makes a handful of changes. It adds auto-detect support for Complete and Gold installations. It also adds two options- to have the program remember the last mod it launched when it starts up, and to have the program close automatically when a mod is launched.

    Version 3.0 of this program adds a "Launch Random" button. This button launches a randomly selected mod for the currently-selected Civ version. It then prompts you saying what mod is being launched and gives you an option to cancel the launch.

    Version 4.0 of this program fixes some bugs with 64-bit Windows and the prompted, alternate paths not being stored to settings.

    Forum thread here.


    -TC01 (the programmer- me)

    -Lord Tirian (ideas)
    -embryodead, phungus420 (help with Complete/Gold registry keys)
    -Slips (bug reports)

    -Firaxis/2K Games (for Civ 4 and it's expansions, and for the BTS logo used in the program)
    -Microsoft (for Visual Studio and the Visual Basic .NET language)


    1. interface_x3V.png
    2. civ_versions_4my.png
    3. warlords_scenarios_2Zz.png
    4. clear_settings_Ejv.png
    5. random_dialog_qak.png