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Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod v. 1.2.2 2016-10-05

Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod v. 1.2.2

  1. Gaurav
    This is the one of the best unaltered gameplay modpacks available for Civ4 version 1.61. For anyone unfamiliar, unaltered gameplay means that none of the game rules have been altered from the original game. Almost any of the included mod components can be disabled from the provided RuffMod.ini configuration file. This mod is currently 100% SDK free. It is 100% savegame compatible with vanilla 1.61 and other versions of this mod if it is installed in the CustomAssets folder. If it is installed in the MODS folder, it is compatible with 'Lock Modified Assets' (no cheating) and generally works with multiplayer.

    See also the Yet Another Unaltered Gameplay Mod official thread for more information.

    This mod contains the following:

    * These mods cannot be disabled via the RuffMod.ini file in this version. However, separate disabling instructions are now included.

    ** These mods are not enabled by default in this version. You can enable them by editing the RuffMod.ini file.