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YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack for Civ6 Beta .4

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Gedemon
    • Enormous (128x80 = civ5 huge), Giant (180x94) and Ludicrous (230x115) map sizes for all map scripts
    • Allows to set game with more than 50 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen
    • Largest Earth (230x116): An upscale and rework of Genghis Kai's GEM)
    • Giant Earth (180x94): a conversion of Genghis Kai's GEM (Hormigas version)
    • Play Europe Again (108x98): a conversion of NiRv4n4's Europe (Hormigas version)
    • Greatest Earth Map (104x64) : a conversion of djvandyke's map with large upscale of some regions
    • City Map (True location corresponding city names) for Play Europe Again (W.I.P.)
    • Culturally Linked Start Locations for all maps
    • True Starting Locations for the Real World maps


    Still the mod was not released blindly, the Ludicrous size has been tested on a 500 turns game in autoplay with 32 civs without crash on my computer (CPU : i7 4770K, RAM: 16GB, GPU : GTX 980 ti)

    Some data from this test (ludicrous, continent, standard time, barbarians ON, 32 civs):
    - total time to reach turn 240 : 03h30, 1 turn takes ~2mn at this point
    - total time to reach turn 475 : 14h30, 1 turn takes ~4mn at this point

    Installation :
    • Unzip it to "..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods"
    • It should create a folder named "Yet (not) Another Maps Pack" and multiple "YnAMP - ..." folders for additionnal components
    • Go in "Additional Content" and activate only the components you want to use by checking the box near "Activate Mod" then click "Back" and launch a game (from the Advanced Setup Screen to have access to all options)
    Please note that Civilization 6 activate ALL new mods by default, but you MUST select only the YnAMP components you want to play with, some are not meant to be activated together, but I have no way to block them ATM.

    known issues & known bugs:
    • See first post in the discussion section

    Development :

    Spoiler :

    @rock_and_ride (City Map for Play Europe Again)
    @brick623 (City Map for Play Europe Again)
    @tomaltachpaulson (City Map for Play Europe Again)
    @guidemwit (City Map for Giant Earth)
    @wevertonj(City Map for Latin America on G.E.M., Brasilian translation)

    @Genghis_Kai (G.E.M. for civ4)
    @NiRv4n4 (Europe for Civ4 )
    @Hormigas (G.E.M. and Europe for Civ5, TSL for Greatest Earth, cliffs mapping)
    @djvandyke (Greatest Earth Map)
    @justinsy (Poland DLC)
    @ulsterbrit (Vikings DLC)
    @civcrashed (conversion table for civ5/civ6 resources, TSL table)
    @Fakoleon (TSL table)
    @Horem (TSL table)
    @Imij (Japan extension on Giant Earth)
    and @everyone for testing, commenting, suggesting, ...

Recent Updates

  1. Beta .4
  2. Beta .3.1
  3. Beta .3
  4. version Beta .2
  5. Beta .1
  6. Alpha .16 - hotfix
  7. Alpha .15
  8. Alpha .14
  9. Alpha .13
  10. Alpha .12

Recent Reviews

  1. Sampson
    Version: Beta .3.1
    Worked perfectly for me, great job! They should just hire you already Gedemon. @Uncle Sam14: If you cannot right-click to dismiss the notification (to access end turn), then you might need to start over with 22 civs, or select a Pantheon earlier in the game if over 22 civs. I think the game was only designed for 20 civs per map originally.
  2. Uncle Sam14
    Uncle Sam14
    Version: Beta .3.1
    Playing Giant Earth with 24 Civs and 48 City States, everything running smoothly until I was given the option to found a Pantheon, and since my faith was very low I got this on turn 189 and all the 22 Pantheons were already taken, I can't choose any Pantheon now, and I can't End my turn, so I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
  3. SlySlySly
    Version: version Beta .2
    Amazing to have all these maps! Such fun!
  4. onelostmuppet
    Version: version Beta .2
    A must-have additional to my favourite game! Greatest Earth Map is fantastic and quite an improvement on the base earth map that ships with the game. Thank you :)
  5. alex29mc
    Version: version Beta .2
    YnAMP Forever !
  6. MrDan2
    Version: version Beta .2
    With the last version, i can load the largest eaeth, excellent
  7. Thaijin
    Version: Beta .1
    Questa è la mappa che mancava! Ed è quella in cui riesco a divertirmi maggiormente, perché ricrea la "reale" alternativa alla Storia dell'umanità. Le versioni aggiornate migliorano continuamente, anche se alcuni bugs devono essere risolti assolutamente, specie nella meravigliosamente enorme mappa "Ludicrous": 230x115...immensa!
  8. soundwaveuk
    Version: Alpha .16
    Fantastic mod. I usually play on Greatest Earth Map to be kind to my computer, and it is very enjoyable. Great work.
  9. Ferocitus
    Version: Alpha .16
    Version 0.16 is working very well for me with ludicrous size GEM at marathon pace. And it plays nicely with AI+ v9 which is a bonus at this stage.
  10. patroy33
    Version: Alpha .16
    Great work!