YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Beta .6 : Terra Map

    • Add a Terra Map script
    • Add some new map size at 2:1 ratio, which is better for a Terra Map (Giant and Ludicrous were almost at that ratio already)
    • Tweaked the "Giant" size to be 184x92 (the Giant Earth Map is still 180x94)
    • Remove Barbarian scout from the map until turn 7 (can be changed in advanced setup)
    • Add an option to try to place all luxuries on the map (always ON on the Terra Map and when the old world start option is used the extra luxuries will all be placed on the New World)
    • Ludicrous Size changed from 230x115 to 200x100 to prevent crashes with the Summer Patch (the Largest Earth is still at 230x116 and won't load on most PC since that patch)
    • Fix City Name position for alternate Capitals on Greatest Earth and Largest Earth that were registered for Giant Earth (causing duplicate names on Giant Earth)
    • Add Auckland, Antananarivo, Armagh, Granada, Muscat, Palenque positions on Greates Earth Map
    • Add fallback functions to select starting location for Civilizations or City States based on (simple) fertility calculation
    • Use the above functions to fix a few loading bugs, especially when too many Civilizations are selected for a map size.
    • Bug fixes to the culturally linked placement that was failing on largest maps with too many civilizations.
    • Add new option when selecting "TSL" to allow Civilization without TSL to be placed on the map anyway.
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