YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Beta 6.2

    • compatibility : do not fail to update map sizes when another mod set new sizes using the same name
    • compatibility : Detailed Worlds replace MapUtilities.lua with a version missing IsAdjacentToLandPlot(), adding a backup of the original function in YnAMP's AssignStartingPlots
    • compatibility : don't output an error when limiting Barbarian Scouts while another mod is removing the Scout units...
    • compatibility : raise the load order of imported files
    • bug fix : add check before placing additional Jungle on a plot
    • desync fix for the Terra Map: replace pairs() with a function iterating tables in a fixed order
    • hotseat fix for the Terra Map: do not try to sort a list of plots by fertility when that list is empty...
    • bug fix : the resource replacement function was sometime causing the AssignStartingPlots script to fail before setting TSL
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