YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Beta 7.3.4

    • allows external mods to set Starting Location Resources
    • allows units placement on start using XML/SQL
    • fix some cases of wrong coordinates conversion when using some sections of the map
    • expand "Colonization" section of the Giant Earth a bit more to the East (to include Russia, Egypt, Arabia)
    • add "-- Lake" tag at the end of corresponding lines for export data
    • update the (commented out) export code for a civ5 map
    • try to get an adjacent replacement plot when Starting Location is invalid on maps using a reference map DB (fix Rome TSL on Largest Earth Custom Map)
    • add extensive localization for Minnesota Cities (by JamHeronArk)
    • add Brush Size option for Terrains, Continents, Features, Territory and Visibility placement in WorldBuilder (max size set by WB_MAX_BRUSH_SIZE in GlobalParameters)
    • add "Export Map to Lua.log" (in YnAMP format) button to the In Game and WorldBuilder option menu
    • replace Civ5 Continents by multiple Subcontinents and Regions on the Giant Earth Map
    • add option to use the Seven Continents model on the Giant Earth Map
    • add predefined Map Sections on the Giant Earth Map ("Europe", "Mediterranean", "Middle East", "Americas", "Colonization", "Old World")
    • add a few new Borders selection for Custom Map Section for the Giant and Largest Earth Map
    • tweak Gibraltar placement on the Largest Earth Map (when NW are set directly in the MapScript, they take priority over the DB entry)
    • add Lake Victoria custom rules for correct placement on Terra Map (Require "Large" or bigger map sizes) and Largest Earth Map
    • CityMap : Added Russian Far East (by Butanic)
    • CityMap : Midwest Cleanup (by JamHeronArk)
    • Additional options for Wonders placement on Giant Earth: Temple of Artemis, Great Zimbabwe and Jebel Barkal (by rockandride)
    • New feature: custom borders selection for the Giant Earth Map and the Largest Earth Map (merged back in the main mod, renamed "Largest Earth Custom")
    • New feature: initial framework for generated or imported Scenario
    • bugfix: check if an imported feature from MapToConvert data is a NW differently (to allow placement of new features with IDs >= FEATURE_BARRIER_REEF ID)
    • bug fix : restore the original ResourceBuilder.CanHaveResource at the end of the map creation
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