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YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Alpha .9

    • bug fix : importing features must not delete Natural Wonders.
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  2. Alpha .8

    • add cliffs to Giant Earth and Europe map thanks to Hormigas
    • change Cliffs of Dover yields (2 food, 1 culture, 1 gold) in ruleset
    • add option to import continents name from a civ5 map
    • add option for random rivers placement on imported maps
    • add option for random features (forest, jungle, ...) placement on imported maps
    • add resource exclusion zone to Greatest Earth Map
    • add hidden parameters in config.xml to control ice placement on south and north on imported...
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  3. Alpha .7

    • add Old World and Europe rules to limit the choice of Civilizations to a specific map
    • add 14 new CS (starting from medium ruleset) including Civilopedia entries and TSL for Giant Earth and Greatest Earth (no special abilities ATM)
    • add tables for resources placement (used on Giant Earth only ATM)
    • add table for City map (no code yet)
    • fix: allows standard rule set options (no barbarian, no goody huts) to be shown with any ruleset
    • add options for Real World Deposits,...
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  4. Alpha .6

    Add 3 optional Rulesets adapted to the new very large maps :
    • "Light"
      • Raise Max distance between Civilizations to 30 (from 9)
      • 33% less Barbarian encampment (2/civ, was 3/civ) to reduce time between turns.
      • Min distance to city from camps raised to 7 (from 4)
    • "Medium" (include or replace light settings)
      • Min distance between city lowered to 2
      • 66% less Barbarian encampment (1/civ)
      • Min distance to city from camps set to 5
      • Raised chance of...
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  5. alpha .5

    - fix MaxWorldInstances to 7 on all map sizes for Prophets
    - add real world positions for all Natural Wonders on the two Earth maps
    - add real world positions for two Natural Wonders on the Europe maps
    - add Cliffs to U.K. as a test of import/export code from Civ6 WB
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  6. Alpha .4

    - add complete TSL for all 3 maps
    - should fix crash on load for normal mapscripts
    - code moved around, should now allow a mapscript to be linked to the TSL from another mod
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  7. Yet (not) Another Maps Pack alpha 3

    - fix TSL not working on Giant Earth
    - fix some options that were removed for the normal map script
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